Danzaora y Vinática


“Danzaora” is a 2010’s show. This piece had its own life and a constant evolution. At the end of this transformation process, “Danzaora y Vinática” emerged as a flamenco recital, which on one hand didn’t want to show completely the visual and narrative universe of the former piece, but on the other hand didn´t know how to refuse to the poetical moods that had structured it. Since “Vinática” represented something like the seminal piece where Rocío confronted her own metamorphosis, from ‘bailaora’ to “danzaora”, getting high on childhood in order to assume, by the same act of drunkenness, her right to excess, to instability of existential and artistic maturity, the new “Danzaora y Vinática” looks upon this initiation, this ritual of passage, from a pragmatic and experimental dimension, the true arena of an adult fight against-and besides- of the most severe recital’s language, which is the most concrete universe.

There is a word, a whisper, or a vibration, which has the power to transport us back to the icy mausoleum of the past, where the present only comes back to us as an echo in it’s dome. And there are sensations of sound. Crumbs. Intermittencies. The strange line of things pursuing us and pursued by us in turn, like a dog running in circles after his tail, drunk with the light of the full moon.

Gulps. Do we drink to forget? Or perhaps we drink to remember? To make the inebriations of the past bark at the present? Isn’t there always a bitter taste, an insistent “no”, echoing in every wine?

(Roberto Fratini)


Rocío Molina – Baile
Eduardo Trassierra – Guitarra
Jose Angel “Carmona” –  Cante y mandola
Jose Manuel Ramos “Oruco” – palmas y el compás


Rocío Molina – Idea original y coreografía.
Roberto Fratini –  Asesor dramatúrgico
Rosario La Tremendita –  Dirección musical
Eduardo Trassierra –  Música original.
Rosario La Tremendita –  Asesoramiento de cantes y arreglos
Álvaro Garrido –  Percusionista asesor
Rubén Camacho – Diseño de iluminación
Mai Canto – Realización de vestuario
Israel Romero – Diseño y construcción de atrezzo

Time: 90 minutes
© Photos: Féliz Vázquez y Klaus Handner

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