Vuelta a Uno


Vuelta a Uno is a reencounter with that which is alive, with euphoria and pleasure, it is soil intoxicated by a thumping beat, a reminder that we are made from matter and breath, where the soul attempts to escape, rise, and become one with the universe once more. (…) In this third section of the trilogy, we gallop through all stages of pleasure, including compulsion, an urgency that the skin can barely sustain, and we plunge inexorably towards the destructive.

Vuelta a Uno contains a certain poetic realism, from which we contemplate this liberating trance through unceasing movement, through a constant donation, demonstrating the pain that also comes with the blurring of self, and the awakening of the blindest of our own impulses. We draw closer to climax, and everything within us that is infinite palpitates until it finds a way out. We are consumed by exaltation, because order can only mean exploding. The curtain that shields us from the profane falls irremediably, we abandon the earthly in order to return to the place we started, to a primordial state. We return to Uno.


Original idea, artistic direction and choreography: Rocío Molina

Original composition: Yerai Cortés

Art direction: Julia Valencia

Scenic space: Antonio Serrano, Julia Valencia, Rocío Molina

Lighting design: Antonio Serrano

Sound design: Javier ÁLvarez

Costume design: Julia Valencia

Graphic design: Julia Valencia

Collaboration on sound design: Pablo Martín Jones

Costume making López de Santos

Shoes Rocío Molina: : Gallardo Dance

Belt: Elella del Toro


Dance: Rocío Molina

Guitar: Yerai Cortés

Technical direction and lighting technician: Antonio Serrano

Sound: Javier Álvarez

Stage manager: María Agar Martínez

Executive direction: El Mandaito Producciones SL

Coproduction: Danza Molina SL & Teatro Español

In collaboration with

With the support of

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