This work, signed by Rocío Molina and Rosario ‘La Tremendita’, is a reflection based on the battle of being alive, and the capacity of achieving simplicity, naturalness and confidence just by existing.

It is an interesting endeavor, dynamic and yet emotive, in which silence, vibrations, aesthetics, sound, the voice, dance and the stage travel a path of a deep searching towards somewhere…

This is a performance built on a structure made up of various pieces, vignettes, all very different in their images and codes.

Afectos is a personal investigation to reach concepts such as ‘imperfection’, which in a way could even turn perfect, delving deep into the hardness of emotion, the fragility of pain and the finding of pleasure. This is about lack of communication, in its own language, showing the way towards communication, which is the main point of this encounter.


Rocio Molina – Dance
Rosario La Tremendita – Sings and guitar
Pablo Martín – Double Bass and loops


Rocío Molina, Rosario La Tremendita – Original Idea
Rosario La Tremendita, Pablo Martín – Original Music
Rocío Molina – Choreography and art direction
Rosario La Tremendita – Music Direction
Carlos Marquerie – Playwriting, Set design and Lighting Design
Mai Canto – Wardrobe
Javier Álvarez, Pablo Martín – Sound Design
Iñaki Elso Torralba – Props Design and Manufacture

Time: 75 minutes
© Fotos: Tamara Pinco and Simone Fratini

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