Inicio (Uno)


“For a long time I have been trying to pause movement to reach a natural depth. With Riqueni, my dancing recovers its nature, it is like a return journey, as if I was hearing the music for the first time, and my body language emerges without effort or complications.” Under the gentle passing of the clouds, impeccably white and stripped of all artifice, Rocío Molina gives herself over to the guitar of Rafael Riqueni in a dialogue that is intimate and poetic, tender and surreal. Music and dance fuse together into something that has never been separated, as if the music danced by the hands of the maestro came out of the dancer’s body.

Inicio (Uno) is a homage to a guitar that is as virtuosic as it is fragile, that breathes life into the creator of a movement that is original, both in the sense of it being new and primitive. A pursuit of the essential in which Rocío Molina discovers Riqueni’s music again and again. A delicate choreography that stretches from the brightness of the Garden of Eden, which reminds us of Seville’s María Luisa Park, to the crepuscular beauty of Amargura.


Idea original, dirección artística y coreografía: Rocío Molina

Música original: Rafael Riqueni

Desarrollo conceptual: Nerea Galán

Dirección de arte: Julia Valencia

Espacio escénico: Antonio Serrano, Julia Valencia, Rocío Molina

Diseño de iluminación: Antonio Serrano

Diseño de sonido: Javier Álvarez

Diseño de vestuario: Julia Valencia

Realización de vestuario: López de Santos

Zapatos: Gallardo Dance

Texto del programa: Nerea Galán


Baile: Rocío Molina

Guitarra: Rafael Riqueni

Dirección técnica y técnico de iluminación: Antonio Serrano

Sonido: Javier Álvarez

Regiduría: María Agar Martínez

Producción: Danza Molina S.L. y El Mandaito Producciones S.L.

Rocío Molina es artista asociada de Chaillot Théâtre National de la Danse de Paris.

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